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For the first time, Donn, TX will be enjoying a run on the #1 indie horror ebook app Godless. To celebrate, I will have it on the site as a 3-day exclusive and for the low price of $1.99. On 9/14 the price goes to $3.99 on Godless and the book will be available on Amazon in both ebook & paperback.

While all the Donn, TX stories are on Kindle Unlimited, Donn, TX 1978 will not be joining KU until October. A lot of the fun with Donn, TX is each year is both a self-contained story and part of a larger group. I wrote them to be read in any order and made sure that no matter what year you start with the story makes sense.

If you want to read them in the order of release you can read Donn, TX 1952 on my site for free. Then head over to Amazon(Kindle Unlimited) and you can read 1969-1865-1926-2002. Or you can wait and read Donn, TX 1978 first and then dive into the others in any order.

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