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150 posts and going strong?

I've spent the last 3 days focused on finishing the edits on my 3rd horror novel, and the first in a series. I'll have more information on that in the coming weeks. That being said, I'm burned out. I'm just gonna remind you of some of the things I have already out in the wild. I've also included a couple of old school movies for people to check out if they need a horror fix.


This just came out and is crying to be read by all. 13 Hell-related stories have been collected here for your enjoyment, including 1 by yours truly! Click Here.


My first novel, The Shadow Within, is a fun and violent love story. Check it out on Amazon: Click here...

A relentless evil possessing an already depraved man... gruesome and perverse acts of brutality... Will anyone survive? Centuries ago the natives captured and imprisoned a life force of pure evil and unending hunger. Thirteen years ago an eight-year-old boy woke the darkness. It grows in strength every day and now the boy is a man. A man skilled in terror and violence, the very things the darkness needs to finally break free. Jill, a city girl at heart, was surprised when the car came to a stop. Jack wasn't kidding when he said they were going to the boonies. A family vacation, her with Jack and his teenage kids, was not her idea of fun but Jill was ready to take the next step. She wondered if this trip was Jack’s way to say he was ready as well. As the man stalks through the countryside, unleashing panic and dread, will Jill be able to escape with Jack and his children? Or will the man soak the ground in blood and release…THE SHADOW WITHIN


The Pope Lick Massacre is a fast paced monster story filled with blood and mayhem. Find a copy here...

There are two types of people in Jefferson County: those who know the legend of the Pope Lick Monster and those who believe it. Before the night is over, Sam will have no choice but to join the believers. Since their mother’s death, Sam’s sole focus has been taking care of her younger brother, Kenny. Now Kenny’s Scout troop is missing, having never returned from the woods around Pope Lick. Sam gathers a group of friends to search for the boys and their Scoutmaster. With each step, they get closer to discovering the scouts aren’t the only ones in the woods this night. “The Pope Lick Massacre is a bold, brutal horror story that’ll remain in your mind long after you read it. This book is not for the faint of heart.” –Independent Book Review


Silver Bullet is back on Amazon Prime for streaming. It's one of my favorite werewolf movies and is based on a book by Stephen King.

Arachnophobia is streaming on HULU and Amazon Prime. If you love spiders or hate them, this is a fun movie.

Dead Zone is on HULU and Amazon Prime. Christopher Walken shines in this movie.

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