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2022 is ramping up at Naked Cat Press

I have a few projects planned to make the rest of 2022 an extremely fun and busy time. I can't get into all the details just yet, but I wanted to share a rundown of what to look out for.

First up, I was given the opportunity to provide a story for No Anesthetic II which should be available within the next couple of weeks. My story "The Fixer-Upper" was in the first volume, and it is an honor to be included in #2. I would love to make this a yearly event as I love the collections Splatter Ink puts out. Plus look at this lineup -

Desiree Byers

Tommy Clark

Christine Morgan

John Baltisberger

Hawker & McHardy

Eric Butler

Brian Berry

Mike Duke

Rowland Bercy Jr.

Liam Carver

Soon after, I will have a Pope Lick Monster tale in Splatter Ink's cryptid anthology. This story is a stand-alone but introduces some characters that will be included in my next Goat-Man novel - most likely coming out at the end of July. I wish I had more to share about this collection or a cover for my upcoming Pope Lick Massacre 2, but you will just have to check back once we get closer.

The next Donn, TX novel has been sent to the editor and I hope to have this out sometime in August or September of this year. It's the longest single-year tale yet and is filled with everything that makes Donn, TX & the harvest so much fun. Get ready for Donn, TX 1978.

Finally, if you think there should be more videos of me out there talking about horror books and movies then you are in luck. Coming soon to Youtube ...

Donna and I will be breaking down the influence of classic horror stories, novels, & movies and if they hold up to today's readers. We will also dive deep into the behind-the-scenes world of indie horror and give you an idea of just What's in the Box?

I'm super excited to get these out into the wild so you can check them all out. I have a few more thing in the works but those will have to wait until I have the green light to share.

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