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2022 was great, looking to make 2023 greater

I released 2 more chapters of the Donn, TX saga, a "short" story released on Godless, and had 4 stories released in amazing Anthologies. Links below for you to check out in ebook, paperback, and in some cases, audiobook.

Donn, TX 2002

Donn, TX 1978

Kiss Me Where It Smells Funny

No Anesthetic 2 - "The Best of Friends"

Cryptid Carnage - "The Pope Lick Princess"

The Horror Collection Sapphire Edition - "The Search for the Blue Footed Booby"

I stepped out of my comfort zone and participated in Drew's amazing Godless reads project. He had me close out the 1st season with my short story "The Best of Friends". I was coming off Covid but I think it came out pretty cool. Drew's added special effects to really make it pop. You can listen to it on YouTube: Godless Reads. If you do head over, please click the like button.

I also participated in my first live convention event with the Texas Author Con. It was a great experience, and I'm heading back to the 2nd event this July. I'll have more info as we grow closer.

I am also heading to VA to participate in Scares That Care 2: Author Con 2. I'm excited to meet all the amazing writers and readers who head to this event.

I'm also planning on heading down to Killer Con in Austin to hang out with all my fellow extreme horror writers. That event is usually in August, so I assume it will be again this year as well.

While planning for these events, I also have plans to release a few new books and collectibles. As I get closer to completion, I'll share the particulars. That said I am working on the next Godless release for Feb 12th. I'm also looking to release Kiss Me Where It Smells Funny on Amazon as a small paperback and ebook. I'm working on a loose sequel to Pope Lick Massacre and hope to have that out before Scares. Finally, I also plan on at least 1 more Donn, TX story.

This doesn't included some other projects where I will be providing stories throughout the year. As they get closer to release, I will be sure to share.

2023 is going to be big and I want to say thanks for coming along for the ride.

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