5 more days to get Trapped

There are still a few more days left to secure one of the collector's edition hardcovers of the Trapped anthology. It's going to be a 1-run edition and will be a gorgeous addition to your bookcase and indie horror collection. You will still be able to get the ebook & paperback, but I think fans are going to want to get the hardcover.

You can pledge your support, and secure a copy, over at Indiegogo: click here. You can also grab a set, and secure signed editions of some of the writer's books with the hardcover edition. For example, you could get Donn, TX 1978 & Donn, TX 2002 & the hardcover for only $65. You would be getting one of the Donn, TX books for free. I wanted to share a few pieces of the artwork included in the book - this really will be a beautiful book.

*Sorry for the delay, I was working on a project and lost track of my days. I've got some big things in the works to finish off 2022 and start 2023.

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