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A collection of collections for fans of quick reads.

Black Hare Publication has released a number of their 500-Fiction anthologies this year with more coming out in July and August. There are several anthologies out there for fans of flash fiction and short stories. I'm honored to have a few of my stories selected for a number of these collections.


First up is the Red Cape Publishing's A-Z of Horror anthology series: Each Letter is used to prove a theme for that collection. My story "The Hellhole" is in this volume.

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If you are a fan of extreme & indie horror, you will find many of the hottest names in this collection. These tales were limited to 100 words and whatever the writer's imagination could come up with.

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Now to the Black Hare Press 500-Fiction Series: First up is a dark look at super heroes and the world they live in. 26 stories are collected in this volume, including my story "Retribution."

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The 500-Fiction anthology Watch focuses on the world of stalkers. There are 29 stories in this volume including my story "The Ride"

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Bones is an anthology that features 26 unique stories filled with the wonder and horror of voodoo. My story is "Mr. Saturday".

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Next up is Contact. This anthology will be available on July 31st, 2021. It focuses more on technology and alien contact in dark science fiction. My story "Compliance is Required" is a look at invasion by alien forces.

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Coming out August 24th, 2021 is the 500-fiction Haunt. 29 stories will focus on haunted houses, ghosts, and evil spirits.

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The first story I ever wrote for one of these series was picked up for the 500-Fiction volume Reign. With a focus on dark fantasy royals, this anthology has 45 tales including my tale, "The King Is Dead".

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The last one doesn't have a release date or a link but I wanted to share it because the cover is so cool. This was one of my favorite stories and can't wait for it to get out there.


I have a story in this Extreme Horror anthology and as soon as there is a release date and link, you can be sure I'll share it with you. This collection is going to be balls to the wall crazy fun.

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