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A collection of cryptids looking for a good home

The call of the wild is an alluring one to many people. The vast wilderness of the forests, lakes, jungles, and beyond are often places of solitude and retreat. They are places to become one with yourself and nature, a safe haven to rest, explore, and marvel at something beyond your daily life.

But can we know what truly lurks in those unexplored reaches of our lands? Can we fathom what living rarities may be hidden in those dark caves, and endless lakes? Can we be certain that the peace we seek can be found as we wander into the unknown reaches of the wild?

Splatter Ink Publishing has collected 10 extreme tales of carnage to scratch your Cryptid itch. Look at this lineup ...

1. Packanack Ridge by Joshua MacMillan 2. Peppermint and Spice by Megan Stockton 3. Hunt For Dobhar-Chu by Nat Whiston 4. A Piney's Tale by Laura G. Kaschak 5. Wendigo by Allisha McAdoo 6. God’s Only Begotten Champ by Josh Darling 7. The Last Expedition of the Squatch Squad by Anneliese A. Boyd 8. You pray to the Devil, and He will answer by Thomas K.S. Wake 9. The Princess of Pope Lick by Eric Butler 10. White Sands by P. S. Traum

My story, The Princess of Pope Lick, takes the reader back to Kentucky and the home of the Goat-Man. If you enjoyed The Pope Lick Massacre, I believe you will love this story. So head over to Amazon or Godless and grab an e-book or a paperback.

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