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A new project and can I interest you in a heaping serving of Berserk?

After finishing the last Ephraim Godwin serial I wasn't sure what direction I wanted to take the Wednesday serial. I thought about going with individual stories to highlight each week but honestly, that seems like an impossible feat. Especially since while working on that I would also be attempting to finish the Ephraim Godwin sequel as well as 1-2 extreme horror novels I've been outlining.

I've set the goals for 2021 high, in the hopes that if I can't get it all done whatever does get finished will still be pretty cool. Fingers crossed.

So back to the Wednesday of the books I'm working on is a collection of stories that loosely tie together. Starting next week I will be sharing one story a week for 4-6 weeks, depending on the story count. After I have the final count ready, I will incorporate the stories from here into the book. If you enjoy the tales you read over the next month or so, you can get them and others in the book. If not, know that it's not going to last forever.

Once I'm a bit farther along, I'll share more about the whole lineup and what the book itself is all about. I think it's a fun idea, and I'm excited to share this with y'all. Oh, and FYI it will be in the vein of The Shadow Within and The Pope Lick Massacre - Extreme horror 18+. I'll tag the stories with the same warning to remind you.


I was searching through HBOmax some more and discovered what I hope is a home run series.

I was first introduced to the character Guts and the world of Berserk when I came across an ad for the first movie of the Golden Age trilogy in 2012. It was billed as an animated sword and sorcery movie similar to Lord of the Rings. This of course was a complete and total undersell of one of Japan's most extreme horror mangas.

You can watch all 3 movies on Netflix

After watching the first movie I was blown away by the scope of story and art that inspired the film series and started checking out the books by Kentaro Miura. I also dug around and found there was a series of episodes that came out years before and were available on DVD if you were lucky enough to find them.

I'm not sure if these are streaming anywhere but if I find out, I will let you know. It's the same as the 3 movies but with more depth and a bit more of the original story from the manga.

So that leads us to HBOmax...they have the newest series available to stream. I have yet to watch it because truth be told, I am cheap. I've heard mixed reviews on the newest Berserk animation and wasn't ready to plop down my hard-earned cash in hopes that it stood up to the previous material.

I'm excited about this version since it takes place after the movies, and takes us down the road the manga version follows. I'm excited to see these characters come to life on the flat screen. I'll start watching when time permits and update if it's worth the watch. Although I'm telling you now if you are a fan of extreme horror you should be watching the movies on Netflix.


FYI - I just turned in the final edits to my story The Ride for April's Black Hare 500-Fiction Anthology about stalkers. I'll provide links and more info when we get closer to the release.

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