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A new series in Horror - Donn, TX

This week saw the release of the first 2 parts of my new series The Donn, TX Collection. The series will focus on the fictional town of Donn, TX. Each part will focus on a specific year and will vary in length.

The first part was 1952 and is a short story, you can get the eBook and audiobook for free here. I honestly wrote it to see if the idea that was lurking in the back of my head had legs. It introduced us to the motel and the scarecrow; giving us a taste of what might lay ahead.

Once I finished it I began working on the next year, except halfway into that one I paused. For some reason, I felt like it wasn't time to tell that particular story, and I moved to 1969.

1969 is a longer story and fleshes out the town a little bit more. We get a feel for the mythology of Donn, TX, and come to realize there is a cycle to the madness. We also discover there are more monsters in the area than just the scarecrow which will allow for even more branches to grow from the tiny idea first formed in 1952.

Donn, TX is a combination of all my favorite horror genres. There are supernatural occurrences, elements of slasher horror, and the steady appearance of monsters. Some stories may lean to or embrace a specific sub-genre but rest assured they all will have flashes of everything you love to read in a good tale of horror.

Find Donn, TX 1969 here.

Listen to the audio book sample/book blurb here:

I've been asked if these will release in paperback form, and the answer is yes and no. The individual years will only release as eBooks and audiobooks if their length is under a certain word count. That said once I have a target amount of words written, these parts will be collected and released in Volume editions. Most likely you will see a paperback every 3-5 parts of The Donn, TX Collection.

Because 1952 is a short story, there will be 4 parts to the first collection. The paperback will release at the same time as the 4th part's eBook - November 2021 for Volume 1.

Keep an eye out for more news on Donn, TX, and other projects I'm currently working on here and on Facebook.

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