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A weekly adventure

Image by Reimund Bertrams from Pixabay

Starting this Wednesday, 1/8/2020, I will be posting 2 to 3 chapters of an ongoing story. The story will be a Victorian supernatural tale that follows a group of characters to a conclusion. I will package the serial at completion as a full novel, so you can choose to read it in installments or as a total package.

The serial will focus on Ephraim Godwin, a retired British soldier from the Crimean War. Having returned from the war he discovers his wife and son are gone. All evidence suggests foul play but there is nothing definitive. This story picks up a few years later, Ephraim is known in certain circles for his zeal in debunking spiritualists while searching for any information about his family in the physical or spiritual world.

The idea came as a result of a short story competition that required some form of spiritualism to be involved in the tale. After I began the story, I saw a thread that would take it way past the word restriction of the contest but would hopefully give a more satisfying journey to the characters.

As I am writing the serial, I will also be completing my 2nd novel and outlining a series for the Red Riding Hood character featured in this story I wrote last year. The plan is every Wednesday before noon, a new installment of the serial will be available. Any feedback is appreciated as the story moves forward.

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