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Another Halloween in the books...

I ran across this picture from 1985 - I would have been 10. I found a book on special effects/movie makeup at the library. My dad, who hates horror movies, thought it would be fun to torture me and then send me to a costume contest on Fort Rucker in Alabama. I don't remember what we tagged the costume as...hit-and-run victim, zombie, burn victim, oozing mummy? But I did win first place for Scariest.

I wish I had the book or at least the name because it was filled with some pretty cool ideas. This was some type of gelatin mix that was colored and then applied hot to my face...let me tell you, I do remember it hurting like hell to get it off. But my pores have never been clearer...


Halloween was as successful as could be hoped for in the year 2020. We had a few trick-or-treaters, nice weather, & family and friends stop by for Halloween cookies and Husky kisses. On our street, three houses decorated for Halloween, and we were all in a row to make it easy for those kids/families hunting for candy treats. I set up a table at the end of the drive for the families nervous about Covid, but honestly, it seemed like if they were wasn't bothering them.

The girls waiting for company to arrive

I was happy to see all the effort the kids(and parents) put into their costumes and to see how happy it made people seeing us hand out candy. One lady thanked us over and over again as she was so excited to do something normal with her daughter, if only for a few hours on Halloween. At 9 pm I packed up, as did my neighbor, and sat down to dive into Trick 'r Treat Collector's Edition. Within ten minutes, the doorbell rang and I had to scramble to find the leftover candy - thank goodness I left some as I sampled from the bag all night to make sure it was safe. I was greeted by an 8-year-old in a killer Batman costume and his dad - also in a Batman mask and T-shirt.

And while most of the night was spent gabbing with the neighbors, friends, and family; we did have a random neighbor from down the way show up and interrupt a conversation to start a "who is the best Sherlock Holmes actor and you better say Jeremy Brett" discussion. She left after pocketing a bunch of candy, and what she hoped was a Jeremy Brett fan club in the works. Of course, I can name at least 3 actors I like better as Holmes. It was one of the most normal nights I've had since all this started.


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Just hit 15 reviews on Amazon - slowly gaining ground on my first novel, The Shadow Within which has 20. If you've read either and don't know what to get me for Christmas, a review would be an awesome present!

#15 left by Horror writer, Lee Franklin so she knows her stuff:

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Just in case anyone is interested here are my 2 pumpkins.

and the wife did Baby Groot

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