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Big news for 12/27/22 ...

Sorry, I forgot yesterday was Sunday, and so I am late with today's post. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas - or whatever holiday you celebrate - and I'm excited to share the cover of my next short coming to Godless on 12/27/22 at 7 pm central time. Click here to get to my Godless author page and you'll see the new short. It's on sale for $.99.

At the same time, I will be featured on the YouTube channel, Chilling Tales for Dark Nights, specifically on the Godless Reads playlist. I'll be reading my story "The Best of Friends" from the No Anesthetic 2 anthology. So head over and listen to me struggle through Covid voice to get the story done in time, lol. It's actually very cool as Drew added sound effects and gave it a very cool open. Click here to find the playlist - I'll be up tomorrow around 7 pm.

Head to my Facebook page, and I'll post the links as they become available.

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