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Books, Books, and more Books

I've been putting together a list of future projects so I can focus on what I want to get done to finish off 2022 and fill up 2023. While doing that I also was looking at all I've accomplished since 2019, and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't happy with the results. It's been an amazing and fun journey to not only discover that I could get these done and out into the world, but there are people who are finding and enjoying them as well.

When I first started, I really was a babe in the woods. I didn't know about groups on social media, how to advertise, where to find an editor or a cover artist, and how to properly set a book's interior.

I released my first book, The Shadow Within, to little fanfare, and no idea what I was doing. It was almost like a momma bird pushing her baby out of the nest. And while my baby didn't take immediately to flight it also didn't slam into the pavement below.

The Shadow Within - Ebook(KU), paperback, and audiobook.

Not knowing what to do, I dove into my next book which became The Pope Lick Massacre. It's a fun and frantic read that has left an impression on almost every reader who's dared take the trip to Kentucky to checkout the Goat-man.

The Pope Lick Massacre - Ebook(KU), paperback, and audiobook.

So I have 2 extreme horror and a wife who hates reading horror ... what to do? Well, I had written a series on here based in Victorian London and leaned more towards the supernatural than splatterpunk. It started off as a short story for an anthology, but it took on a life of its own and I never submitted it. Instead I continued to expand on the story, putting a chapter or 2 on here every week.

The original chapters were a bit spontaneous at times, and often led down roads that the final novel doesn't. In the end, I was able to take everything I wrote and put it together in a way that made more sense, and gave birth to some of my favorite characters. Added bonus, the wife read and liked it. This is, of course, The Sins of the Past.

The Sins of the Past - Ebook(KU), paperback, and audiobook

As I was working on getting Sins of the Past ready for release, I put out Donn, TX 1952 as a tester story. I got some positive feedback, and enjoyed the idea, so I expanded the idea with a chapter series Donn, TX 1969 on the site. The idea of Donn, TX was a series of shorter ebooks that I would collect into collected volumes once there was enough pages to make it a full paperback (I was thinking about 4 years would do it).

I wrote Donn, TX 1865 and then jumped to Donn, TX 1926. By this time, I knew my plan wasn't going to work exactly as I hoped. 1926 was almost double in length as my longest Donn, TX story to that point in time. As the stories layered the history of Donn, TX, the ability to tell them in small "bite-sized" packages disappeared. Donn, TX 2002 & Donn, TX 1978 proved this as each one was larger than the last. Because of this, I collected 1952, 1969, 1865, & 1926 into a paperback collection and then released the others individually.

You can read Donn, TX 1952 for free on my site, and the rest can be found on Amazon.





The Donn, TX Collection Vol 1 - paperback



I've been in a few anthologies and will have stories in a few more before the year is over. I also have an incredible - and secret - project I'm working on with some amazing creators for release in 2023. I'm busy working on a few projects for myself, and once I'm a little bit farther along I promise y'all will be the first to know.

I have paperback copies if you are interested(of all these titles). Email me or send me a DM on Facebook.

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