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Cats is a train wreck? Who saw that coming? Here are some musicals to raise your spirits

From all I've heard, Grumpy Cat would have hated it more than he usually hated things...

So musicals can be hit or miss especially on the big screen and when they decide to adapt a beloved Broadway show...well it doesn't always work out. Now I'm not opposed to a good musical but honestly, my favorites usually are off the beaten path. So here are a few movies where people burst into song and act like it's completely normal than here are a few to get your toes tapping...


Since Christmas is a few days away let's start with one to get you in the Christmas mood. Anna and the Apocalypse takes your love of Christmas, musicals, and zombie apocalypse and mushes it together to give you a unique take on the end of the world. You can watch it on Hulu and Amazon Prime.


The 2nd selection is Rock & Rule, an apocalyptic world where man no longer exists and animals have mutated. The story focuses on a struggling band and a legendary super rocker, Mok, and his desire to summon a demon from another dimension.

Man the 80s were great for coming up with some off the wall movie idea.

This one is full of great music by Iggy Pop, Lou Reed, Debbie Harry, Cheap Trick, and Earth Wind and Fire. Since the main players are all musicians the musical aspect of the movie isn't as out of place, but they are mutated animals doing it so it still falls under the bizarre banner. Unfortunately, you have to pay to see this one, looks like Amazon is the only place that has it for sale. FYI - there were two versions, an American and a Canadian, so I recommend watching it on Blu-Ray or DVD...Which are out of print so I guess what I'm saying is come over and we can watch mine.


The 3rd and final feel-good musical deals with cannibalism. From the creators of South Park, Cannibal! The Musical tells the story of Alfred Packer, the sole survivor of a party of pioneers who got lost in the Rocky Mountains in winter. The trailer doesn't do this movie justice but it's a must-see if you are a fan of South Park, musicals, or low budget horror. Made with a shoestring budget, this was Trey Parker's student movie and it was picked up by Troma - the studio that gave us The Toxic Avenger.

Now while you can buy this on DVD and on Amazon, it seems luck is on your side as you can watch this beauty on Tubi - It does have adds but it has a ton of movies you can stream for free.

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