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Come for Donn, TX 1969. Stay for Donn, TX 1978

While I have said many times that you don't need to read these stories in any specific order, I do think you should read Donn, TX 1969 before I release Donn, TX 1978 on 9/14/22. So I'm offering the ebook free for 3 days, 8/31/22 to 9/2/22.

So you can get the first 2 stories free until this Friday. Donn, TX 1952, the story that started it all, is free on my site in ebook & audiobook. All you need to do is join the mailing list ... or click here.

I'm also debuting the book trailer for Donn, TX 1978. Hope you enjoy and remember it will be available on 9/14/22!

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