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Comedy lost a legend...Terry Jones dies at 77

Monty Python member, Terry Jones died on January 21st, 2020. He had been diagnosed with Primary Progressive Aphasia, a type of dementia. This disease erodes the brain's ability to use language and eventually, speech becomes impossible.

While not as visible as some of the other Python members, Jones was an integral part of what made Monty Python work. With the ability to play the straight man in a way that highlighted his costars and added a level of sophisticated humor to any skit, Jones was helping Monty Python push the boundaries of comedy in his day. But he embraced the silly aspect of Monty Python as well, often playing the female in many skits or taking a simple funny idea and pushing it to the absolute boundaries of the absurd.

However, maybe one of his finest roles in not only Monty Python but as a pioneer of comedy was that of director and writer. All members are credited with writing the Monty Python shows and movies. However Jones put his stamp on their feature films by co-directing or directing their hits; The Meaning of Life, Life of Brian, and The Search of the Holy Grail. He also wrote and directed the underrated Erik the Viking starring Tim Robbins and guest staring many of his Python partners.

And while he is a pioneer of comedy, near the end he began to write, direct, and produce documentaries on Rome, Egypt, Medieval Life, Barbarians, and the History of love and sex.

Below I've attached a few of my favorite scenes Terry Jones was a part of...

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