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Coming Soon - There's Something in the Water

If I'm being honest, the plan was to have another Goat-Man story out this month, but I decided I wanted to spend more time cleaning it up. It's not going out until I'm sure it's ready. That said, I had already committed myself to having something for Drew over on Godless on March 13th.

Enter There's Something in The Water. This is the 3rd in my series of Godless shorts. It's a creature feature that re-imagines the Irish myth of the Dobhar-chu. It's kind of like a dog, otter, and serpent had a baby. I think you'll enjoy my take on this cryptid.

You can order it on eBook on Godless on 3/13/23.

You can pre-order the eBook on Amazon on 3/13/23 with a release date of 4/3/23.

I'll have links on Monday,

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