Current events got you down? I have a Haven for you...

Since Doctor Sleep is coming out this weekend, I thought I'd share a little known Stephen King gem with you. Let me be honest, I'm not a big fan of the "King" of horror. I feel like he's had more misses than hits but he has written some iconic horror properties so I guess he can keep his title. One of the things he wrote is an old-style crime book called The Colorado Kid.

Now this book is not horror, but one of those projects where a famous writer steps away from his genre and dips his toe into another pool. In this case into the Hard Case Crime book series.

If you look at Amazon it gets mixed reviews but I can't tell you if it's good or bad. I haven't read a King novel since the 90s because he hasn't written books I find interesting or entertaining in a very long time.

Now, this isn't a cry for all his fanboys to rush into the comments section to call me names and argue with me - although feel free to if it makes you feel better. It is simply my feeling on his stuff after Needful Things. I've gone back and reread some of the earlier stuff and some of it's good. And while Doctor Sleep was written during the time of my self imposed hiatus, I still plan on seeing it since I am interested in Danny as an adult.

Now that we have that unpleasantness out of the way, I can move on to the reason I'm here...to offer you a Haven from your boredom. A 5 season show called Haven that you can find in its entirety on Netflix. While the story expands and evolves over 5 seasons, it has its foundation in The Colorado Kid...just not the book. The creators took the name, Colorado Kid and made it an unsolved murder and that's where the similarities end. Now since it's a Stephen King "inspired" (so loose it's falling apart) show they mix in a horror/fantasy element to form the body of the show.


IMDB gives a great show description.

"Many in the coastal town of Haven, Maine have a dormant curse or "trouble" that could trigger at any time for any reason. FBI agent Audrey Parker, the sheriff and the town's black sheep must deal with the troubles' deadly effects."

While the show is well written and filled with actors that you will recognize from SyFy, Acorn, and Hallmark; it's the three characters above that make the show so worth watching.

The story arcs for all three characters are interesting and unexpected while keeping the show engaging and entertaining throughout all 5 seasons. And even though there are times the show gets dark or travels down a "horror" path it never jumps over the line and keeps the story more in the SyFy realm of TV. If you are bored and looking for a show to watch, I recommend giving Haven a shot. I think these characters will win you over pretty quick. And while none of the seasons are particularly long, you just might miss your hourly visits to Haven after you finish the last episode.


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