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Donn, TX 2002 Available on Friday, 2/11/22

The mythology of Donn, TX continues to grow this Friday as Donn, TX 2002 will be released on ebook and paperback. I'll send out links once they are live on Amazon - you can also get that info on my Facebook page.

I originally planned on these stories being somewhere between 5000 - 15000 words in length. They would be released as ebooks, and then, when enough were finished, they would be collected into a paperback collection. I estimated 45000 - 50000 words would be a good length.

The first 4 fit my plan exactly. 1952 doesn't count because as a short story, it only hit 2500 words but 1969 & 1865 both fit the bill as they both came under 9000 words. Then I finished 1926 and it was almost 35000 words. Added with the others, it does get me to the sweet spot I was looking for. So I collected them into the paperback, The Donn, TX Collection Volume 1.

However, Donn, TX 2002 ended up being around 36000 words. That's long enough for a novella, which is why I decided to scrap the original idea and release this installment as both an ebook and paperback. I'm pretty confident this will be the blueprint for Donn, TX from this point on. The good thing is the paperback looks amazing.

It's not required to read them in release order or in order by the year. You can read them however you want, but I feel if you read them in the release order, you will see how the story is growing with each installment.

Donn, TX 1952 (Free ebook on the site or $.99 if you find it on Amazon, free audiobook) - Click Here

Donn, TX 1969 (ebook(KU), audiobook) - Click Here

Donn, TX 1865 (ebook(KU), audiobook) - Click Here

Donn, TX 1926 (ebook(KU), audiobook) - Click Here

The Donn, TX Collection Volume 1 (Collects 1952, 1969, 1865, 1926 in paperback form) -

Click Here

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