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Donn, TX continues and other news

Volume 1 of The Donn, TX Collection is coming to a close this November/December and will be collected into a paperback. The official parts of Volume 1 are 1969, 1865, & 1926, but the paperback will also include the short story that launched the idea of Donn, TX - 1952. To celebrate the event, I had Don Noble of Rooster Republic Press provide an original cover. Something I plan to do with every paperback collection of Donn, TX so get ready for some amazing art.

The full wrap for the paperback is a thing of beauty.

Once I have checked out the proof copy, I'll let everyone know when they can expect the paperback to go live.

Of course, there will be an ebook and Micah is already working on the audiobook. So there will be 3 ways to consume Donn, TX this Christmas season.


The town of Donn, TX holds a dark secret. A secret Sheriff Charles Pike must navigate to keep the citizens, and most importantly, those he loves safe. As the town grows, Pike realizes prying eyes are taking interest in the strange activities surrounding Donn, TX.

In the end, it doesn’t matter. The citizens have long given up on the notions of right and wrong. Deals have been made, and promises must be kept. For, in the end, there is only the harvest.

Catch up here:

Donn, TX 1952 - ebook / audiobook

Donn, TX 1969 - ebook / audiobook

Donn, TX 1865 - ebook / audiobook


Micah is my U.S. audio narrator of choice. I think she is amazing and her narrations really make my stories come alive. My hope is everything I write based in the states will be read by her until the day I stop breathing (or writing - probably not).

The Sins of the Past is set in Victorian England, and while I know Micah would be incredible reading it, I decided to go in a different direction. Enter Joff Manning who brings a ton of acting experience and a very smooth English accent to his narrations. The book is in the process of being vetted by the audiobook company but I hope to have this available within the first few weeks of December.

He was kind enough to record a new blurb for my book trailer for the paperback/ebook release. So here is the updated trailer and an introduction to the man who I hope to have narrating The Ephraim Godwin Chronicles for a very long time.

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