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Donn, TX is growing on Feb 11th.

If you are a member of the Mothers of Mayhem: An Extreme Horror Podcast page on Facebook (click here to join) then you were teased with a peek of the cover of the next chapter of the Donn, TX story.

Tomorrow they will reveal the full cover (paperback version) and the book trailer I threw together. I'm pretty excited to get Donn, TX 2002 out and into readers' hands, as it expands on the mythology of the town folk from Donn.

The original plan was to have shorter works that would only be released on ebook until there were enough pages to garner a paperback. You can see this with Donn, TX 1952, 1969, & 1865 (All under 10,000 words). Then Donn, TX 1926 rounded out Volume 1 with about 35,000 words. As I worked on Donn, TX 2002, I realized it was also going to be longer (around 36500 words). So instead of waiting to make another collection, I've decided to release the next 3 years in paperback as well as ebook & audiobook.

I'll have more info soon, but here's a checklist of stuff you need to do to get ready.

  1. Go to Mothers of Mayhem: An Extreme Horror Podcast page and join. That way you can see the cover reveal and the book trailer today at around 5 pm eastern. Click here for Facebook.

  2. Go to YouTube and subscribe to the Mothers of Mayhem podcast if you like passionate people discussing extreme horror - The Pope Lick Massacre and your favorite writer named Eric Butler are included on the first episode in the Top 10 reads of 2021. Click here to find the page.

  3. Catch up with the stories already out there; Donn, TX 1952, 1969, 1865, 1926. You can find them in ebook, audiobook, and paperback. See Links Below

  4. Buy Donn, TX 2002 on Friday, February 11th.

Donn, TX 1952 - Click Here

Donn, TX 1969 - Click Here

Donn, TX 1865 - Click Here

Donn, TX 1926 - Click Here

The Donn, TX Collection Volume 1 Paperback - Click Here

See the Trailers here:

Hope to see you soon in Donn, TX.

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