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Exciting news and voting continues

Today there are a few exciting items to share and a request to keep The Pope Lick Massacre in the running for best cover of the month.

First things first, The Pope Lick Massacre made it to round 2. It was one of the top 100 covers left standing after round 1 (and 300+ book covers). Voting is back up and everyone gets to vote again. I've included the link so you can head directly there. Please go vote and if you feel inclined, share the link. I'm gonna need a real boost to get to round 3. To vote please click here.


As I get closer to the end of the weekly serial, Ephraim Godwin and the Sins of the Past, I've decided what I need to do to get it out to share with even more fans of Gothic Victorian Horror. I am close to finishing the first storyline. It is longer than I anticipated, especially since the original idea was for a short story that I decided needed to be expanded. The requirements included around 5000 words and I think in a few weeks I will be over 50000. On top of that, I have at least 4 more books involving these characters plotted out. So if you like Ephraim Godwin there will be plenty of adventures for you to follow.

As I said, I am close to the end of the first volume and I will begin to release the stories in a collected novella sized Amazon Kindle format. They will be available for purchase and to read for free on Kindle Unlimited. I am planning to release the first volume in early July 2020. As of right now, there will be 3 volumes, and once they are released the volumes will be collected for a larger paperback.

The series will be called The Ephraim Godwin Chronicles and each volume will have its own title. The first volume will be The Sins of the Past. Here is the first go on the cover. This may change in the next few weeks...but for now it's leading the race.

I plan on using the next few weeks to clean up any editing issues or continuity issues, so the volumes may change a little from the serial. Honestly, it's tough to keep up with everything on a weekly serial while writing multiple books. This way I can make sure to smooth out the bumps.


More exciting news...The books are gaining momentum and positive reviews.

The Shadow Within has three more 5 star reviews and can be found here.


The Pope Lick Massacre has two more reviews.

"Suspense until the end. This book holds your attention and has twists and turns that are terrifying !! Can not wait for the next Eric Butler book."


"I normally am not a huge fan of 'monsters', but I do LOVE urban legends and regional legends. This story took place someplace I am not very familiar with and had never heard this legend before this, so this was a fun read. I am also a sucker for kids vs Evil. So a missing boy scout troupe...that right away had me on the edge of my seat!! I love the combination of coming of age story (taking care of younger siblings) and how that mixes with horror. Great Stephen King vibe."

You can find it here.


Irving Fontaine is available on Amazon, with the option to purchase it on Kindle or read for free with Kindle Unlimited. This is the first in a monthly series, click here to read.

Author Lee Franklin, Nang Tani, and Berserker: Green Hell, states:

"This is a brilliant western horror. Butler crafts some depth to his characters as he hits the folklore horror. Not as heavy as his other work, but definitely gory enough. I really enjoyed it and look forward to more from these Irving and Black Crow."

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