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Exciting news from Indie Horror's own, Lee Franklin

Lee is re-releasing her first novel Berserker: Green Hell with brand new cover art from Francois Vaillancourt - just beautiful. I'm sharing this in case you've missed her action-packed debut.

So what is it about? Here is the blurb...

Something lurks in the northern shadows of Vietnam.

Known as the Reapers, Pinny and his special group of soldiers are sent to collect dog tags from their fallen comrades only to uncover the sinister underbelly of the Vietnam War, and a monstrous secret beyond comprehension.

Pinny might survive the war, but can he save his humanity?

Here's my review on Goodreads and soon to be on Amazon - whenever they allow reviews on the new cover. Included here you can see the original cover...

If you want to check out a more in-depth review check out what the Sci-Fi and Fantasy Reviewer had to say - Click Here

The book will be available in paperback and for Kindle on August 1st, 2021. You can't preorder the paperback, but Kindle preorders will be delivered directly to your device.

Find it here - Berserker Preorder

What are you waiting for?


If you don't want to wait to check out Lee's work, she has a few others out there just waiting for you to check out.

A Novelette

Celebrating his twenty-first birthday in Thailand with his best mate Paul, Shane finds the perfect tattoo of a local deity, Nang Tani. He must have her at all costs.

When Nang Tani is unleashed, she comes with vengeance. Shane will learn that sins, like tattoos, cannot be washed away; not even with blood.

You can read on Kindle Unlimited or grab a copy for $.99. You can also order it in Paperback. Click here to check it out.


Lee is offering her short story, Sandgroper for free on Amazon and if you sign up on her website. I'd recommend signing up on her site as she will showcase exciting horror-themed news and reviews.

Blurb: Geologist Aron, is investigating the unexplained pinnacle formations on the West Australian Coast. A Sandstorm sweeps in from the Coral Coast and brings hell along for the ride.

Lee's Website: Here

Amazon Link: Here


I'm a big fan of Lee and I hope you give her stuff a look (especially if you are a fan of extreme horror).

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