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Expanding the Naked Cat Universe

Plans are in the works to expand all my titles to Barnes and Noble. I had a big write up but 5 of the 6 options are still behind closed doors as B&N does its thing. So instead I'm going to let you know for sure you can get The Shadow Within on the Nook.

The Pope Lick Massacre is building up some steam. If you like stories involving Half-man/Half-goat ax-wielding maniacs...this might be the book for you.

The last three reviews have been fantastic and show the excitement that makes me proud as the author.

The Sins of the Past is my less extreme novel but still filled with creepy crawlers and supernatural horror to make you question the things that go bump in the night.

The last few reviews have been short but sweet.


A quick reminder this Wednesday will include the conclusion of the first story of Donn, TX. The plan is to share a series of shorter works on here that kind of give the reader an idea of what might be going on and introduce you to some of the characters that will make future appearances.

Once there are enough, they will be packaged into a collection for people to get, and then a series of novels/novellas that showcase the area/characters will be introduced. In a perfect world, there will be longer work out around the same time as the collection but we will just have to wait and see.

I can't process can be described only as "by the seat of my pants". With these stories, I will hopefully work out the kinks while pushing the narrative forward. Hopefully, this will be a fun look into the process of story-telling without bogging down too much. However, the moment I feel like it's not working or is boring everyone to death...I will pull the plug.

I'm in the middle of seasons right now so I don't have any new suggestions but I did notice one of my favorite movies is back on HULU. Identity has a stellar cast and is a fun mix of tension and mystery. Cusack is great in this one...

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