Father's Day Hangover

I write Monday's posts on Sunday...usually. Every once in a blue moon, I might get it done earlier but honestly, I seem to enjoy writing with a "gun" to my head. Not really, but a little external pressure does get the fingers moving. That said, I don't have anything planned for today's post.

Sometimes, when I sit down an idea will hit me or I'll stumble across something I want to expound on. Not really today...I enjoyed a pleasant time with the family and celebrated Father's Day.

Now I did score Shout! Factory's Collector's Edition of King Kong(1976).

I most likely will bore you with a best Kong Movie list at some point, but not yet. I need to re-watch this gem.


If you are a fan of special features and are a fan of the original Doctor Who series(1963-89), you should check out their complete season collections on Blu-Ray. My Doctor - the only one I've watched - is Tom Baker. I still remember the excitement of waiting for those Saturday showings on my local PBS station as they reran the BBC hit series years later. I came into the series in season 3 and was hooked...until my local PBS couldn't afford to play them and they stopped or I moved to Panama (don't remember which came first).

Back in the day, you couldn't just pull up a season and stream if you were interested. If you were really lucky, a video store may have the episodes for you to rent, but that was rare. So when I noticed the BBC put out full seasons on Blu-ray, I was excited. Then I got season 1 of Tom Baker's Doctor Who...it blew me away. The episodes were fun to revisit, but the special features they included made the set worth every penny spent. There are just hours and hours of information and hidden gems that you can't find anymore.

The only issue I have is they are releasing them in a weird order. Every year they've mixed up which doctors get out there and even more bizarrely which seasons. For example, Baker went Season 1, Season 7, and then Season 3. If you are a fan, I'd suggest scooping these up before they go out of print.


If you have HBO MAX, check out Tacoma FD. You can also stream season one on the trutv app. It's a funny sitcom from the 2 of the guys from Broken Lizard - the group who gave us Super Troopers. Plus you get it unedited for the most part on HBO.


This is a blind recommendation and I have no idea how long it will be available but Amazon is letting you buy the VOD version of Psycho Goreman for $.99 - usually $12.99. I've heard good things but have been waiting for it to move to a streaming service. If you have Shudder, you can watch it for free but otherwise, it's pay-to-play. For a buck, I'm willing to take a chance.

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