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Final Reminder - 2022 Splatterpunk Awards are nearing

I'm finishing up my final go through on the next chapter of the Donn, TX series before I send it off to the editor. Since I'm all tied up going over that, I figured I'd remind you that the opportunity to nominate a Donn, TX story is still open until the 16th.

So the 5th annual Splatterpunk awards are open for nominations. It was set up to honor the sub-genre of extreme horror and Donn, TX has 4 eligible items. Until 1/15/2022 you can send in your nomination for best of in a number of categories. Those will get tallied up and then the ballots will come out for voting ... or something. To be honest, I have no idea what happens as this is the first year I've paid attention enough to even try and get something on the ballot.

As you can see from the picture above, I have 2 eligible for Short Story, 1 novella, and a collection. Here's how to let the organizers know you think one of my works is worthy of being on the ballot.

  1. You have to send it in e-mail form to

  2. Put 2022 Splatterpunk awards nomination in the subject line

  3. If you think any of these 4 is worthy of a nomination, include the title, author name, and category. See 4 for examples ...

  4. Best Short Story -Donn, TX 1969 by Eric Butler Best Short Story - Donn, TX 1865 by Eric Butler Best Novella - Donn, TX 1926 by Eric Butler Best Collection - The Donn, TX Collection Volume 1 by Eric Butler

  5. Don't forget Carver Pike, Daniel Volpe, Rowland Bercy Jr, Candace Nola, Ryder Kinley, Lee Franklin, and many others have stories, novellas, and novels available to vote for as well.

Thanks for the help.

With multiple ways to enjoy, what are you waiting for?

The Shadow Within

The Pope Lick Massacre

The Sins of the Past

Donn, TX 1969

Donn, TX 1865

Donn, TX 1926

Donn, TX Collection Paperback(all 3 years collected with a bonus story)

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