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Flash Fiction Exercise...

Image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay

So I wasn't sure what to share today as I've been distracted with a few things. I want to put together a review and suggestion list of movies based in and of the HP Lovecraft world but I am not ready. I thought about a suggestion list of things to watch as everyone may or may not be going back to life, but we (my wife and I) are still watching a few things and I won't suggest it if I didn't see the ending yet - at least not a season. If we are talking a show that has more than one and I liked one, I might tell you to get on it and hope the season holds up.

Since I couldn't decide, I think I will share one of my flash fiction stories. I sent this to a contest/publisher but not by e-mail. I uploaded it through a webpage...a webpage I must not have bookmarked. I have no idea why I wrote it. No idea what the theme was or if I had to include a specific item. I only remember the length...80 words. So looking at the story, I'm going to guess. I had to write about

  1. war

  2. loss

  3. a box

  4. a gift

For some reason the gift is tickling a memory so maybe that was the theme. Like I said 80 words I give you 80 words. Flash fiction is hard to do and even though I have no idea where I sent it or how it was judged, it was a worthwhile exercise. So here is the story and I hope you enjoy it...


"Empty Promises"

Johnson opened the box as earth and shrapnel exploded around him. A single tear escaped when nothing happened. The gypsy promised it would end the war as she took his last wad of bills; just open it in no man’s land. A loud crack sounded, Johnson stumbled and the box slipped from his fingers bouncing on the muddy, war-torn terrain. As his last breath slipped away, he realized the old gypsy spoke the truth. The war was finally over…for him.

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