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I am in my 40s and recently quit my job of 20 years to take care of my ill son and to pursue my love of writing.  Within this blog, I hope to cover all the ups and downs I will face as I go from unpublished to published writer, while facing the challenges of being a stay at home dad to a teenager battling Crohns and colitis. Along the way I'll spout off on pop culture and revisit the entertainment that made me the person I am today.  My writing primarily falls under horror but I hope to branch out to other genres as I travel down this path. 

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Get Ready for the Massacre

My second novel, The Pope Lick Massacre is in the last stage of development. Waiting to hear back from a few Beta readers and from The Independent Book Review for the back cover quote. Hopefully, I'll have a release date for you in the next week or so. I wanted to share the front cover, and also share the two I ended up rejected. The designer put a lot of work into them but the one I selected really captures what I was going for. If you get the paperback, it really flows front to back.

The first two are the rejected ones, although I did like the first one a lot. The last one was selected for its simplicity.

Here is the blurb, describing the book.

There are two types of people in Jefferson County: those who know the legend of the Pope Lick Monster and those who believe it. Before the night is over, Sam will have no choice but to join the believers.

Since their mother’s death, Sam’s sole focus has been taking care of her younger brother, Kenny. Now Kenny’s Scout troop is missing, having never returned from the woods around Pope Lick. Sam gathers a group of friends to search for the boys and their Scout master. With each step, they get closer to discovering the scouts aren’t the only ones in the woods this night.

I've worked hard trying to learn the ins and outs of self-publishing so I can bring these tales of terror to you. I appreciate all the wonderful support I've received since my first novel, The Shadow Within. Stay tuned for more information on The Pope Lick Massacre.



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