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Grab your popcorn and a coke, it's time to get Freaky...

November seems to be flying by as we're already into week 2 and Thanksgiving is breathing down our necks. Not to mention my son, Hunter, is turning 18 this month I swear we just brought him home from the hospital, what happened?! And then Christmas gatherings, online and in-person shopping, and Christmas day are right around the corner.

I'm busy trying to edit Ephraim Godwin into the first book of a series, write a new short for an anthology - in 4 days, and started my 3rd stand-alone Extreme Horror novel. The next two months are going to be bananas, but I'm up to the challenge...maybe.


So today's post is short and sweet. This Friday a new movie from Blumhouse - who gave us the great horror comedy Happy Death Day - comes out in theaters. Freaky is Freaky Friday but instead of a parent and a kid switching, it's a teenager and a serial killer.

Oh, and the serial killer is played by Vince Vaughn...

Do you need to know more? If so check out the preview, otherwise I'll meet you at the popcorn counter Friday the 13th.


To get ready for Freaky, go ahead and binge on some Vince...

The first one is Brawl in Cell Block 99 on Prime

Next up is one of my favorite movies he did in the 90s, Clay Pigeons. The cast is fantastic, simply overflowing with can find it on Starz and Directv streaming

Of course, you should watch Dodgeball monthly, if not can stream on the Cinemax app or Directv streaming...


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