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Halloween Decorations 2019

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

About 19 years ago I decided to decorate the outside for Halloween. We had just gotten the house and I thought it would be cool to have some spooky things outside in the yard. I had a brainstorm; using a ground zombie(upper part of the body), a pole, a flannel shirt, and a hockey mask, I made Jason. It was really cool and I used my bushes to hide the fact it didn't have any legs. It survived a week before someone set it on fire. No more Halloween decoration, just a nice bright torch.

I was gun shy to add any more characters for a couple of years but after the suspected hoodlums moved away, I got brave and tried again. This time I decided to make a couple of guys, I had been collecting parts for years.

This time, I placed them away from the bushes. No torches this time, so since then I've added to the group, a few pieces each year. I also moved away from the ground zombies, as time and critters got to them and started to destroy the frames. Now I use skeletons and PVC pipe for the frames.

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