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Happy Birthday to The Shadow Within...

My first novel, The Shadow Within was released on December 13th, 2019. Hard to believe a year has passed since the book was released into the wild. In that year I've released my 2nd novel based on the Kentucky legend of the Goat-man and had numerous short stories selected for anthologies coming out this month and early next year. I'm in the middle of editing the first novel of my Ephraim Godwin series which is based on the serial I've also released weekly relatively early in this blog.

Since Ephraim Godwin isn't as extreme as my first 2 novels, I am also plotting out 2 more stand-alone novels that will be closer to the splatterpunk vibe of The Shadow Within and The Pope Lick Massacre. The plan is to have Ephraim Godwin and the first stand-alone available during the first 3 months of 2021. I'll let you know as soon as I have a firmer schedule mapped out.

However, today is a celebration of my first novel so I'm going to share a few things and point you in the right direction if you decide you need this book in your life...if you like horror, you really do.

So what is The Shadow Within?

The Independent Book Review says, “Author Eric Butler turns a long-awaited trip home into a lustful, gruesome, and horrific summer. Be ready for it. This novel might just make you double-lock your doors tonight.”

A relentless evil possessing an already depraved man... gruesome and perverse acts of brutality... Will anyone survive?

Centuries ago the natives captured and imprisoned a life force of pure evil and unending hunger. Thirteen years ago an eight-year-old boy woke the darkness. It grows in strength every day and now the boy is a man. A man skilled in terror and violence, the very things the darkness needs to finally break free.

Jill, a city girl at heart, was surprised when the car came to a stop. Jack wasn't kidding when he said they were going to the boonies. A family vacation, her with Jack and his teenage kids, was not her idea of fun but Jill was ready to take the next step. She wondered if this trip was Jack’s way to say he was ready as well.

As the man stalks through the countryside, unleashing panic and dread, will Jill be able to escape with Jack and his children? Or will the man soak the ground in blood and release…THE SHADOW WITHIN

It's a love letter to my wife. You can read that story here and see what went into producing this book the way I did. It's a full post but a great read on the thoughts of a first time indie writer and what it took to get the book finished and released.

It's an homage to my favorite horror writer Richard Laymon. The type of book I like to read. One that cares about the characters, recognizes they're human - not without flaws, and shows you why you should care about them too...before putting them through hell.

Here is the full-length book trailer...

I've gotten some great reviews over the last are some to give you an idea what fellow horror fans thought...


One year has past and I'm as excited to share this labor of love today as I was nervous to let it out into the wild a year ago. You can get it on Kindle and Paperback on Amazon.

Click Here for your copy

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