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Have you met M. Ennenbach?

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

If you haven't met my friend M. Ennenbach yet, have I got a treat for you ...

From the mind who gave us Hunger on the Chisholm Trail and (un)tethered, Ennenbach now shares his new collection of short stories dreamwhispers. 18 tales to make you uncomfortable, terrified, and, more often than not, think.

Blurb - Take a journey into the swirling abyss of fever dreams, starry nights, and amethyst lights. Driven by lyrical prose, captivating storytelling, and pure emotion, dreamwhispers sets sail through one writer’s imagination with an unflinching stare into the condition of human beings where the shadows are sharper, and the darkness holds promises of pain.

While Ennenbach may cringe at how much of himself makes it to the page, the readers should only see this as a gift. I think anyone who has read his works will agree he has an uncanny ability to show us the horror of everyday life in a way that demands you give it your full attention. It's available on ebook & paperback.

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