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I am in my 40s and recently quit my job of 20 years to take care of my ill son and to pursue my love of writing.  Within this blog, I hope to cover all the ups and downs I will face as I go from unpublished to published writer, while facing the challenges of being a stay at home dad to a teenager battling Crohns and colitis. Along the way I'll spout off on pop culture and revisit the entertainment that made me the person I am today.  My writing primarily falls under horror but I hope to branch out to other genres as I travel down this path. 

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Horror movies to celebrate this October Part Deux

Every year on my personal Facebook page I whip my friends and family with a list of must watch horror movies. I try and find obscure or older movies they may have missed but sometimes they are popular horror movies I think everyone should revisit or movies just released to the theaters. The next year (2017) had some really good independent movies and while I won't list them all I wanted to showcase 5 as October staples.


You can stream for free on VUDU free. Free to sign up and if you have a collection of digital movies you can link them to VUDU as well.

Evil Dead 2

If you have Showtime you can stream it through their service

It Follows

You can stream this on VUDU free as well


You can steam with Showtime if you have it.


You can stream this one on Netflix. One of the best adaptations of a book I've seen in a while

2017 was also difficult to trim to just 5 suggestions so I will list a few others here to check out if you are in the mood for some scary good time.

  • Cooties

  • Final Girls

  • Fright Night (1985)

  • Dog Soldiers

  • Don't Breathe



Fort Worth Texas

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