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HULU is killing it

Well, I've been overrun with stuff for The Sins of the Past - get it on Amazon to see what you've been missing - so I haven't decided what to write for the next serial or if I will do a series of short stories. So instead I wanted to share some things you can watch right now on HULU...

First off, You're Next is back and fans of horror need to watch this.

Second, not every superhero movie is Marvel or DC...or even about heroes...Check out Push

Third, it's time you saw one of the best sword/Viking movies made in the 90s, The 13th Warrior - based on Michael Crichton's The Eaters of the Dead(that's right the Jurassic guy). Antonio Banderas and a bunch of blond Vikings kicking butt in the middle of nowhere.

Fourth, if you are a comic book fan and a fan of DC specifically, you have to watch Teen Titans GO! vs Teen Titans. Filled with humor, action, and a ton of Easter eggs...

I'm going to pivot with my next two suggestions and slip into the world of TV.

If you like procedurals then you should watch Australia's Harrow. Starring Ioan Gruffudd and a bunch of Australians, it already has 2 complete seasons and the third is ongoing right now...

Next up we have Dicktown. There is no trailer I can find but think of it as adult Scooby-Doo. Except they don't have a dog, it's only 2 guys in their late 20s/early 30s, and only one is really a detective - except he only works for kids so it's embarrassing and a bit creepy. It's well written and takes a good jab at today's society. The episodes are only around 15 minutes so it's a tight series.

Last I want to remind you to check out Prodigal Son. Season 2 is going strong and while most of the show is past the point of believable, the actors make up for it by diving in and embracing the roles. Michael Sheen is killing it as the serial killer, The Surgeon. Season 2 is just ramping up and looks like they are going for straight looney tunes in the coming weeks. Get caught up...


If anyone is looking to help out their favorite indie writer...or even me, the best way is to remember to leave reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. They don't need to be long, but a star rating and a few words - even something like "I liked it" - helps. If you want to leave a longer bit, that's great also.

I need some help. The Sins of the Past is in a cover contest. If you want to help, I could use a vote. If you voted in round 1, you can vote again as we are in round 2. Click here to vote.

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