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I'm in an anthology and other stuff

Black Hare Press has a series of anthologies that limit each story to a theme and a 500-word limit. This month's release is Avenge - Dark Superhero/Supervillain tales.

If you’ve only ever exposed to mainstream superheroes and supervillains, or this is your first foray into fantasy cape-wearers, you’re bound to love these authors’ takes on the genre—adventure, horror, and wonder fiction in five hundred words.

You can read my story and many more on Kindle for $3.99 or on Kindle Unlimited. Click here to check it out.


So I had to get HBO for at least a month to watch Justice League. I'm not impressed with the movie selection but I've stumbled across some gems...

The best Harley Quinn is the animated show HBO is putting out. Capturing all the fun of the comic and ramping it up to 11, this is a who's who of comic book villain greatness. NSFW in any way, even the trailer is full of over-the-top violence and f-bombs.

I'm 6 episodes in and loving it. I'll be shocked if it's not a top 5 show for me by the time I catch up.

This show I watched on Demand but Directv pulled it before I finished so I was excited to see HBOMax has all the episodes of Tacoma FD. From 2 of the guys from Broken Lizard, the brains behind Super Troopers, this show tackles the ins and outs of being a Firefighter. And since it's on HBO, they've got all the uncensored footage you didn't get if you watched it on TRUtv.

Finally a show I probably could have watched on Demand at any time if I remembered it existed, Final Space. An animated space comedy epic that looks interesting enough to try. It has 3 seasons so it shouldn't be terrible. I'll let you know once I get a little bit deeper into it.


The reviews are coming in and people are digging The Sins of the Past. Click here to get to my Amazon Author Page to see all my anthologies and novels. Also if you have read any of these and wanted to leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads, they really help. You can us the above link for Amazon. Click here for Goodreads.

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