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I'm not fat...just a little husky

Guys to be honest I'm burned out. This nonstop everything is a crisis lifestyle the world seems to be heaping on us is taking a toll on my emotional and mental health. I had a few different things planned for today's post but my heart wasn't in it.

I planned on doing a post comparing the 2 House on Haunted Hill movies. I shelved it. I was thinking of doing a post about everything being closed and it's effect on me but I don't want to write anything that is going to come off as political or invite people's opinions on healthcare...

So instead I'm going to share a couple of stories, some pics of my beautiful huskies, and post a link to Irving Fontaine and remind you that if you have Kindle Unlimited you can read it for free...


First up. My mother came to visit last week. I love when she comes to town because I have an excuse to pull out old movies and we get to point out how things have changed in life and the movies. I'm a Vincent Price super fan. I've also started to branch out with my British horror icons from the 50s, 60s, and 70s. I've always been a big fan of Hammer, but I am just now seeing some of Amicus and other lesser-known studios from back then.

This time we were able to watch House on Haunted Hill(1959), The Mad Magician, Master of the World, and An Evening with Edgar Allen Poe. All three amazing showcases of Price's talents and must watch if you can find them. The Mad Magician was originally shown in 3D so it came with 2 Three Stooges shorts that were shown before the main feature.

See it on Amazon Prime in color: here or black and white: here

You can only find this one on DVD or Blu-Ray or my house...

This movie is in the same vein as House of Wax, Price's first 3D movie.

This one can be bought to stream on Amazon and streamed on FLIXFLING if you have it. This 20000 Leagues Under the Sea knockoff also stars Charles Bronson and is one of Price's action/adventure movies.

Once again it's DVD, Blu-ray, or my house to see this one.

Here is Price playing the narrator from the Tell-Tale Heart. This movie takes 4 of Poe's stories and has Price narrate them in character. Poe wrote these tales from a specific perspective which allowed Price to take over in character to deliver 4 15 minute tales. This movie has Tell-Tale Heart, The Pit and the Pendulum, The Sphinx, and The Cask of Amontillado.


We also found time to watch Dr. Terror's House of Horrors. A clever mash-up of 5 smaller stories told by Dr. Terror and his tarot cards in a train car. The movie stars Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, and a very young Donald Sutherland. You can stream it on Tubi and I found it also on Youtube for free.

Watch the full movie here: Dr Terror.

Found this gem on Amazon Prime. It's the first of 2 movies done with the Saint character, Simon Templar. A precursor to his days as Bond, you can see the light-hearted lady's man Moore would infuse into his Bond characterization. You can watch it here with Prime.


The rest of the time we spent watching Carnival Eats on Food TV...yes that's right...crazy out of this world food concoctions. The main reason is the host Noah Cappe is such an upbeat and fun guy, it's hard not to smile during his show. I pop it on any time I need a mental pick me up...or I want to drive Dawn crazy (she's not as into food shows as I am).

Here is a quick video of Noah showing off his home...sharing this for my mom's enjoyment...but if you like home shows it's pretty cool.


Kittle is getting bigger and Totoro is having a blast with her new baby sister. They share the same father so they really are sisters. Although they both have the Husky breed's traits, their personalities are so different. Kittle requires tons of snuggles and wants to be with a person at all times. Totoro on the other hand is more choosy when she wants attention and will disappear to her favorite spot for hours on end. That being said, when either wants attention there is no stopping these 2. We've been woken up at all times of the day or night with one or both of the girls jumping on the bed looking for love.

I'm a firm believer in never letting the girls off-leash. I've had to chase Totoro when she was younger around a parking lot when she got loose once and believe me never again. So you can imagine my horror when a few weeks ago I took the girls for a walk and Totoro's leash attached itself from her harness.

We had just stepped out front and I heard the click. I stared at the leash as it dropped to the ground. I was too far away to just reach out and grab her, and if I bolted towards her there was no assurance she wouldn't just run thinking we were playing. Luckily nothing was out there to get her attention so I fell to the ground and acted like I was hurt. Side story - when she was a puppy I tripped once while she was running and when I hit the ground, she came back and licked my face to see if I was okay. My hope was she would come to me to investigate. Thank God she did. I clicked the leash on her and we went for the walk. I assumed in my hurry I had not attached it correctly.

I was wrong. When my mother was here, I took them for a walk. This time no issues and we were moving at a pretty good clip. Just as a nice couple was commenting on how pretty the girls are, a cat ran across the street. I yelped "thanks" as the girls took off to investigate and I had no choice but to do my best Lamar Jackson impression to keep up.

When we got to the cat's hiding spot, Kittle started to jump against her sister...possibly in excitement or maybe to egg her on. Luckily I was standing next to them, bent over and trying to stop my heart from exploding when I heard the chilling click of the leash coming loose once again. I grabbed her harness grip, thankful I had just ordered the girls new harnesses equipped with that. I reattached it and tied the leash to the harness, praying we made it home. I purchased a new leash the next day and so far so good, but honestly walking these huskies can be nerve-wracking, especially if the old leash wasn't the issue. Fingers crossed...


Irving Fontaine and the Horrors of the Wild West

The Shadow Within

The Pope Lick Massacre

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