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Inching closer to Donn, TX completion and some new movies

Donn, TX is my next book project. It's unique from my other novels because instead of one tale taking place at a specific time, this is a collection of stories where each tale focuses on a specific year. I've done this for a few reasons. The first being, not every story that takes place in Donn, TX will be novel-length. The other is to allow for a foundation to be laid for future stories.

There will be 3-4 stories in the first arc, covering 1865, 1926, 1951, 1969. Once these stories are complete, we'll have the main components of all future stories explained or at the very least hinted at. As I get closer to completion of 1926, I'll start sharing the blurb, cover(s), and other material to get everyone ready for their trip to Donn, TX, the city that doesn't exist.


So Part 1 came out last week - 1994. This Friday Netflix gives us Part 2.


Also coming to Netflix, July 14th, is an Italian horror movie that you might have to read. There are times in the preview they speak English, but the majority is in Italian - nothing says there won't be a dub, but get your mind right with it...just in case. Either way, A Classic Horror Story looks like they take bits and pieces from our favorite horror movies to create a new classic.

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