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Introducing Donn, TX the series

Just wanted to let everyone know I am hard at work at getting the world of Donn, TX ready for you to consume. Initially, they will be released as eBooks and audiobooks, with a new year coming out every month or two. So what is Donn, TX about?

Each tale will find us in a different year and at different times, but always at the same place. Each story will be self-contained but also adding to the backstory and mythos of Donn, TX.

The first year is 1952 and since it is a short story, I will have that one available for free to all interested in signing up for a newsletter that I promise won't spam the ever living out of you.

However, if you mention the word "moist" to me after it's released I will take that to mean you want the story without signing up for the most amazing newsletter ever and we can work something out.


The next year, 1969, will be longer and out around the same time. It will be available on eBook through Amazon and take advantage of Kindle Unlimited. There will also be an audiobook.

Following these will be 2 more tales, 1865 & 1926. I'm excited to share these stories with you, and many more as Donn, TX grows. Keep your eyes out here and on Facebook to find out exactly when these will be available.

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