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Is he the hero we need?, but is he the hero we deserve? Most likely, yes.

Do you have 86 minutes? Do you have a love for off the wall, indie cinema? Do you love Superheros? Do you love pasta? Then I have a movie for you...SpaghettiMan.

From 2016, this gem uses the classic superhero origin story to introduce you to this newest crime fighter. Clark Kant is a down on his luck loser who can't keep a job. He has no skills, no desire, and no drive to improve his situation. He does have an idealistic roommate who knows everything about truth, justice, and the world of comic book heroes.

One night in a drunken stupor, Clark eats a bowl of radioactive spaghetti. The next morning our hero is born...sorta. After a funny interaction with a doctor, Clark accidentally uses his powers in front of his roommate. After a lecture on responsibility, Clark finds himself in a situation that requires him to either step up and be a hero or walk away. He puts a bag over his head to protect his identity and then saves the day...with a catch.

After stopping the crime, the victim makes a mistake...he wonders how he could ever repay SpaghettiMan. Clark asks how much he has in his wallet and demands payment for his "good" deed. This morphs SpaghettiMan's story from traditional hero to more of a vigilante anti-hero storyline.

I was surprised by how well written and smooth this movie is. The story arch is well-executed, and most importantly...the movie never admits it's in on the joke. While silly at moments, the movie embraces it all in a serious manner that helps the viewer appreciate the situations our hero faces. And most importantly, and a little surprising, there is actual growth here. We see a Peter Parker accepting responsibility for his actions kind of development. Is it possible for Clark to not only understand but to embrace the motto; "With great power, comes great responsibility"? You'll find out in 86 minutes...

Catch it for free on VUDU free or Amazon Prime.


Okay so you're a coward and won't check out the SpaghettiMan...can I interest you in some Muppets? Disney+ is streaming a new weekly show showcasing Kermit and the gang.

The first episode is out now, with the next one starting sometime this week - honestly, I have no idea what the release day is for new episodes and I can't find the info, so you'll just have to keep checking. The first episode has Muppet favorites Ms. Piggy, Kermit, Scooter, Walter(from the movie relaunch), Sam the Eagle, and the Swedish Chef as they interact with several guest stars. Other Muppets make appearances, but I bet they will rotate all the characters, except Ms. Piggy and Kermit of course.

While the show has the layout of the original show, the streaming/computer set up limits the interaction and ability for many of the jokes and characters that made the first series so perfect. There is no feeling of spontaneity and the behind the scenes jokes fall a little flat as it is handled with zoom-like calls or message boards. The two old guys in the balcony are sorely missed but then I wonder in this day and age are they even welcomed?

All that being said, I loved the Swedish Chef doing a Chopped/Iron Chef type cook-off, and seeing Sam the Eagle is always welcome.


If you have a little more time on your hands and want to do a deep dive into one of the greatest comedy teams ever...Netflix has a series of 6 episodes that chronicle the life and times of the men behind Monty Python. While this series is a few years old, if you haven't checked it out and are a fan of these silly Brits, it's worth the 6 hours. This is filled with behind the scenes nonsense and gives a real flavor of how the men not only came up with the brilliant sketches but how they interacted with each other.

The first three introduce the men, show how the show came into being, and how it affected not only the Python crew but comedy itself. The last three deal with the movies, and Graham's death.

After you watch it, or instead of if documentaries aren't your jam, you can watch all the shows and movies on Netflix as they showcase everything the men have done as a group. The Life of Brian, Holy Grail, all the episodes(individually and Best of), and the Hollywood Bowl are all available on Netflix. If you want to see the Meaning of Life you can stream on DirecTv or Starz or purchase on any streaming service.


Finally, I wanted to let you know I wrote some can get them on Kindle or paperback. I've had the covers turned into gifs so enjoy...

Find The Shadow Within here

Experience The Pope Lick Massacre here

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