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Is it Monday?

It snuck past me and I didn't have a post ready. This month has been a blur of activity as I have 2 stories releasing in anthologies and Donn, TX 1978 releasing in September. Add in all the video activity with What's in the Box? and I just lost track of time. So I'm just going to remind you ...

I will be doing a full cover reveal on Wednesday for Donn, TX 1978.

I have a Goat-Man story in Splatter Ink Publishing's Cryptid Carnage Anthology which you can get on Godless and Amazon. Check out the first review ...

On August 27th, you can find No Anesthetic II on Godless and Amazon. (Sorry no links yet)

And finally this Wednesday on What's in the Box?, Donna and I will be discussing sub-genres of horror. We will tackle the first 5 and then follow up with 5 more in 2 weeks. Head over and subscribe, like, and whatever else you do on YouTube.

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