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Memorial Day Marathon

The wife and I have been watching Lucifer for the past few weeks. We watched it originally on FOX when it started and a few episodes into season 3, my wife decided she was done. Jump forwards a few years and we decided to give it another try. We are 1 episode from being completely caught up and one of the newer episodes from season 5 part 2 gave me an idea on pointing out movies that either were based on music or had musical performances throughout that I enjoy.

But then I sat down to write the post and it hit me, that this is going out on Memorial Day. So I've decided to do a mashup. I'm going to give you 6 movies you can stream that deal with music or the American military, a little bit of lightheartedness to go with the heavier subject of war and the men and women it affects.

#1 - Glory

This is one of my favorite movies. Everything about this movie is perfect - from the cast, the score, and the direction of Edward Zwick. It's an important story filled with rich and diverse characters, at times both uplifting and horrifying. You can stream it on Starz but if you haven't seen this film, it is one I would recommend renting or even buying.

#2 - Scott Pilgrim Vs The World

You're going to need something silly and lighthearted after Glory and Scott Pilgram will deliver. With over-the-top antics, a stellar cast, and a great mix of music, this movie is another feather in the cap of director Edgar Wright. You can watch it on Netflix.

#3 - The Patriot

During Mel Gibson's reign as Box Office King, he took on the role of The Ghost in this movie on the American Revolution. It included a young Heath Ledger and Jason Issacs showcasing just how evil he could be before squaring off with Harry Potter, this movie is a classic big-budget Hollywood spectacular. You can stream it on Netflix.

#4 - Before We Go

Captain America is a trumpet player/street musician who just might have met the woman of his dreams - the only catch is she's married. You can catch it on HULU, TUBI, and PLUTO.

#5 - The Hurt Locker

Hawkeye and Falcon star in this movie set during the Iraq War. Super intense and mesmerizing. You have to have Showtime or fubo(?) to stream this one or as always you can rent or buy it at the normal places.

#6 - Begin Again

I wasn't sure which one to pick for the last movie, but I think everyone should see this movie. Hulk and Pirate get together to make an album. This isn't a Rom-Com although the trailer kinda tries to color it as one. This is just a solid movie with a great cast.


See you Wednesday with the next installment of Donn, TX, and next week I hope to have some fun and amazing news about some future projects.

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