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Mental Health

Jimmy G and Zoe the 49ers therapy dog...Or is it Zoe and Jimmy G the 49ers thearapy QB

The San Fransisco 49ers (the team I love) have embraced the need for emotional support animals and their positive effects on the mental health of their players. In 2018 Solomon Thomas, the 3rd pick in the 2017 draft, lost his sister to suicide. While battling depression, Solomon found solace in Vito, another french bulldog that 49ers director of player engagement Austin Moss would bring to the facility on occasion.

So Moss adopted Zoe so there would be a pup on-site to help the players through tough times or simply to reset their day. You can read the full story at the Athletic or simply check out Zoe's Instagram page.


Zoe's Instagram

Mental health is important and many people ignore its daily effects. Remember to speak with someone, professional or simply a friend, if life gets overwhelming...or if you prefer, find a dog, cat, or reptile and talk to them. You'll be amazed by what good listeners your four-legged friend can be.

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