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Monday: From Beyond

I've written a few posts looking at the different ways Lovecraft has influenced the arts - mainly focusing on movies and video games. I've tagged those posts with this one if you want to go back and look at some of the many choices out there.

I recently watched From Beyond Collector's Edition Blu-ray. Not my first time with the movie, but it was my first time with these special features. If you are a fan of a particular horror movie, horror genre, or horror in general, I'd suggest grabbing copies of all the Blu-Ray Collector's Editions that Scream Factory puts out. The special features are almost always worth the cost, and then you'll get a cleaned-up version of that movie as well.

As I watched the movie, I was impressed with the complete 180 Jeffrey Combs had to do to play the more timid part of Crawford after dominating the Re-Animator movie as Herbert West. I planned on breaking down some film and sharing a few scenes to highlight just how good Jeffrey Combs is in these movies.

Barbara Compton also makes a 180-degree transformation but it's not as earth-shattering as she was mostly there in Re-Animator to be attractive and scream. Although her talents are on full display in From Beyond, as she faces a major transformation in body & mind throughout the entire movie.

Alas, I've been tied up with the next installment of Donn, TX as the 2nd story is growing larger than I first envisioned. So instead, I will hold off on the Jeffrey Combs expose and instead share this impressive animated film based on the From Beyond short story...I love how they designed the character to mirror Jeffrey from the live-action film.


I'm 3 episodes into Falcon and Winter Soldier on Disney+ and it's a Captain American fan's wet dream. I'm going to wait for the completion but I feel like I could write for days comparing it to the comic material much of it is based on.


Thanks to everyone giving my 2nd novel, The Pope Lick Massacre, so much love. If you haven't checked it out yet and enjoy fast-paced extreme horror, what are you waiting for?

Paperback and Kindle on Amazon & Nook on Barnes&Noble

Some recent reviews for The Pope Lick Massacre and you can check out Book Nook Retreat's blog to see her thoughts as well. She has a great review site and I recommend it for anyone interested in finding new and interesting horror reads.

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