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Monday morning list of movies to watch this Columbus Day.

Let's get the big whoops out of the way...I forgot to post Friday. After making a big deal on collecting my daily horror movie suggestions on Facebook to share on a weekly list, I forgot. My note to remind myself was buried in a sea of papers as I scramble to get the next book ready for print.

Now if you can't wait, and want to read it now you can. I am working on putting my first serial together in novel form for those who don't want to read it on the site. However, to do it justice, I'm going to have to add some more to it. Then I'm going to need to smooth it all out, and finally, make sure it's ready for print. I'm shooting for a late November or early December release.

I also am working on some more extreme horror stories, more in line with the first two books. This third book is actually the first of a series set in Victorian England. While it is horror, I lean towards mixing it within a good mystery. Think Sherlock Holmes(but nice) meets the Old Gods. But of course, if you've already read the posts you know that.


So here I am going to list the first 9 movies for October movie watching...hope you find some new ones or are inspired to go back and check out one you've seen before.

Oct 1 is Final Girls - a horror-comedy that looks at slasher movies in the 80s as it focuses on the unicorn that is the "Final Girl". Watch for free on Directv streaming or rent it Amazon.

Oct 2 is Sinister. A failing writer is searching for his next big box after years of living on a popular true crime novel. His fix is to rent the house of a murdered family and try and piece it together...little does he know exactly who or what is in the house. Watch for free on Peacock.

Oct 3 is No One Lives. A group of criminals decides to mess with the wrong man. Luke Evans is fantastic as the psychopath. There are spots of corny dialogue, but you can forgive it as the rest of the movie is well done. Stream for free on TUBI or IMDB(through Amazon)

Oct 4 is Night Watchman. A funny look at being night watchmen when a horde of vampires sweep through your town. This trailer is not safe for work(seconds of nudity), but for some reason is the only one I can find online. Stream on TUBI.

Oct 5 is Green Room. Patrick Stewart is the leader of a Skinhead group. This movie is intense and the cast is fantastic. Stream it on Netflix.

Oct 6 is The Descent. A girls' trip turned nightmare as a group of adventures decide to go spelunking...the caves are not the movie, love the cast, and love the director. Must see horror movie... Stream on TUBI and PlutoTV.

Oct 7th is The Burning. An early entry to the slasher/horror genre. All I need to say is Jason Alexander with hair... You can buy on Blu-ray(I have and it cleans up nicely & the special features are pretty good), or you can rent/buy on Fandago Now...that's the only place.

Oct 8 is the House of the Devil. While this movie was made in 2009, it is the perfect representation of the early 80s. You would think it was filmed in 83 it's so perfect. Stream on Amazon Prime.

Oct 9 is You're Next. A new take on the home invasion movie. Great cast and atmosphere makes this a very fun horror movie. Stream on Peacock.

That's it for now. I'll get you movies 10-16 on Friday...hopefully.


October is the perfect time to read a new favorite horror novel. The Pope Lick Monster and The Shadow Within are available now for Kindle and Paperback. Pick them up and let me know what you think.

The Pope Lick Monster

The Shadow Within

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