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Monday's Mumbling

Well, the word is out that Conjuring 3 isn't all we hoped for in the horror community so I thought I'd throw out some movies that handle some of the themes of The Devil Made Me Do It way better that you can find on your favorite streaming services.

First up is Jennifer's Body, one of the most underrated possession movies out there. I know many people like to ding every movie Megan Fox is in, but she does a great job in this one. The cast is great and the script comes from Juno's writer Diablo Cody. Stream this one on HULU.


Alternate dimensions - check, Tall Man - check, amazing late 70's style - check. You get all this and a silver ball of death with Phantasm Remastered on Prime.


House of the Devil has all the charm of an old-school horror movie. Made in 2009, this movie takes us back to 1983 and puts us in the shoes of struggling student Samantha Hughes. This is a fun slow-burn kind of horror film that reminds me of the English psychological horror films from the 60s and 70s. Catch it on Prime.


Next up is a movie that doesn't get enough love. Angel Heart has an amazing cast, including Robert De Niro back when he cared about acting. Catch it on Prime.


One of the best haunting/scary movies to come out between 2000-2010, The Ring is on Prime. Directed by Gore Verbinski, before he did Pirates of the Caribbean and Rango, The Ring has the right mix of visual effects and traditional scares.


Rounding out this week's movie suggestions is House. New World Pictures wanted a horror-comedy, what they gave us was a classic haunted house story filled with amazing special effects, a killer cast, and solid laughs throughout. This movie oozes monsters and mid-80s sensibilities. You can find it on Prime.


I'm finishing up a story I'm submitting to a popular anthology series and then back to Donn, TX as I work to have that collection ready by the end of the month.

See you Wednesday with the final installment of 1969.

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