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Monday Shuffle

You may have noticed the Donn, TX story for 1969 is complete. It is a part of a collection of stories that focus on this little strip of land and all the terrible things that happen there. I've completed 1865 and am in the middle of the 1926 story. Depending on the length of that tale, there may be 1 more story included in the collection when it is released.

Because of that I am shifting gears on the Wednesday stuff and will either this week or next start a new series or collection of shorts. Not sure what I'm doing just yet, but I feel most everyone has already figured that out...

So until I have an idea, here are a couple more movie suggestions...

First up is a cult classic from the early 80s, Streets of Fire - not really a musical, but music does define this movie's whole identity.

Written and directed by Walter Hill, the guy responsible for 48 Hrs, The Warriors, Southern Comfort, and one of my favorite movies you've never seen, Trespass. Streets of Fire is filled with big-name actors in some of their earliest roles. A true guilty pleasure kind of movie on Netflix.

Next guessed it - Trespass

The early 90s had several great urban confrontation movies, almost always starring a big-name rapper looking to break into film. This one had 2, Ice T and Ice Cube. The cast is fantastic and like all these movies, the soundtrack is killer. You can see it for free on TUBI.

If you prefer your gangsters to be British, and from the 60s, can I interest you in Legend starring Tom Hardy and...Tom Hardy?

I'm gonna be honest. I'm not sure this is the best movie about the Krays. This is, however, the best movie about the Krays with Tom Hardy playing the part of both brothers. Not sure how many liberties with the truth were taken but Hardy is great in this...on Netflix

Now if you can find the 1990's movie The Krays, they cast twins to play the part of the Kray brothers. It's even more intense than this one, with a bit of the grimy feel that an independent movie can give much they apparently didn't do previews without dropping a number of f-bombs

With the rise of the splatter western in the indie horror world, I thought I's suggest one of my favorite westerns. It's not horror, just well done all around.

The Sisters Brothers is a well-adapted western that takes you on an incredible journey through the American West. The cast is fantastic and sucks you into the story. You can watch it on HULU.

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