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New Anthology is out

Texas Author Con has put out an extreme horror collection to get you ready for the event. While many genres and styles will be represented, many of us love writing extreme horror.

I mean look at that lineup. Now my story is a little bit of a cheat as it is a reprint, but I want to be in the book and haven't had time to hammer out a new tale for the collection. It's one of my most brutal stories, and hopefully, if you haven't read it, you will enjoy it. Grab a copy at Amazon.

There's a merch store for my stuff - click here

You can now get To Stare Death In The Eyes in paperback and eBook at Amazon. It's still available in eBook on Godless, where it made the top 10 list this past week! Go see what the fuss is all about.

Click Here For Amazon

Click Here For Godless

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