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No Anesthetic II is now out

I'm proud to have a story in this extreme horror anthology. These stories pull no punches and aim to make you squirm.

From Amazon:

Splatter Ink Publishing presents No Anesthetic II, an anthology of brutal no-boundaries stories written by some of the best names in horror.

A lonely man finds love and horrifying obsession in the most unlikely place. Layla trusts Ryan and will do almost anything to please him, but what happens when almost isn’t enough? A group of friends stop to render aid on a backwoods highway. Ivan is just looking for love, but no one is ever quite what they seem.

A demented and irreverent fairytale, stories of brutal betrayal, of choices and consequences, of unimaginable horrors, and introducing Liam Carver and his dark story about the horrors of dementia. Ten extreme stories written to horrify and delivered with no anesthetic.

I mean look at this lineup!

“Dead Reckoning” by McHardy & Hawker

“Father & Son” by Brian Berry

“Maggie's Cat” by Liam Carver

“Safe Word” by Desiree Byars

“My Supernatural Ex-Girlfriend” by Rowland Bercy, Jr.

“Seizure” by Thomas R. Clark

“The Burning Man” by Mike Duke

“Tainted Love” by John Baltisberger

“THUMBULIMIA” by Christine Morgan

“The Best of Friends” by Eric Butler

You can find it on Amazon and Godless.

I also have a story in the first anthology.

“Woodshed” by Ronald Kelly

“The Fixer Upper” by Eric Butler

“Sometimes the Bear” by Brian Rosenberger and John Boden

“Blut Und Ton” by Damascus Mincemeyer

“A Night at the Movies” by J.F. Capps

“Sebastian and the Jungle of Misery” by Scott Harper

“Glutton of the Sea” by Simon McHardy

“Painted Nails” by C.M. Saunders

“The Hate Box in her Heart” by Thomas R. Clark

“The Verdict” by A.M. Bacon

Find it on Amazon in paperback or ebook. You can also DM/email me if you are interested in a signed copy.

And of course you can get your Goat-Man fix and any other cryptid need you might have with the new anthology Cryptid Carnage.

1. Packanack Ridge by Joshua MacMillan

2. Peppermint and Spice by Megan Stockton

3. Hunt For Dobhar-Chu by Nat Whiston

4. A Piney's Tale by Laura G. Kaschak

5. Wendigo by Allisha McAdoo

6. God’s Only Begotten Champ by Josh Darling

7. The Last Expedition of the Squatch Squad by Anneliese A. Boyd

8. You pray to the Devil, and He will answer by Thomas K.S. Wake

9. The Princess of Pope Lick by Eric Butler

10. White Sands by P. S. Traum

Find it on Amazon.

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