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October 30th, Halloween Eve

Updated: Oct 31, 2019

It's the day before maybe the greatest holiday we celebrate as humans. A holiday where you get no time off, no gifts, and no feast...unless you like to eat candy. It's always been a holiday for the kids, in fact as a child of the 80s I remember most parents doing one thing...handing out candy.

If you were lucky, or unlucky depending on their parents' skills, your mom or dad helped make a killer costume or at least drove you to the store to pick out the half mask and paper-thin jumpsuit that acted as a costume.

And a Halloween activity that I never did much as a child but now look forward to as an adult is Pumpkin Carving. Truth be told my desire to participate was nonexistent at first but I've embraced it wholehearted the last few years. My friends and family gather together the day before Halloween and carve pumpkins. They are left with the Grandparents and lined up on the driveway for trick-r-treaters.

We've done this for 15-20 years and at the beginning I would do trick pumpkins like the too much to drink pumpkin or a pumpkin that was just triangles. Then I graduated to the simplest pumpkin patterns I could find but at some point, it clicked and I began to do obscure, hard to place pumpkins as a test. Let's see if anyone can figure this out! Of course, there's always someone, but that's the fun of it.

I even began doing multiple pumpkins a year just to get in all the ones I wanted.

I only go back so far with the pictures but I wanted to share some pretty cool (if I do say so myself) Halloween pumpkins. I haven't decided what I want to do this year. It takes about 30 minutes of checking with everyone to make sure we aren't copying one from a previous year, but once I have it carved I'll add it to the comments.



I did 4 more this year to help use up the pumpkins so they wouldn't go to waste...

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