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When I got started, I had no idea what I was doing. I just started writing and putting books out. While I tried my best to make sure there were no issues with my books, I think we can all agree I'm more of a writer than an editor. My first 3 had some help in the area of editing, but I do recognize they could use a bit more.

It was dumb luck that paired me up with my editor today. She was in charge of an anthology I sent a story into, and her notes and comments clicked in my head. I tracked her down and she became the editor of the Donn, TX series and all my Godless titles (save Kiss Me Where It Smells Funny because of a time crunch). I sent her The Pope Lick Massacre to read, and she offered to give it a polish. Once I learned this simply cleans up the noticeable mistakes, and doesn't effect the story at all, I was all in. I didn't want to rewrite these books, but I do want them to be as clean as possible for future readers.

The Shadow Within is going through the polish now, and I have big plans for my first novel. Stay tuned for that. Then I will have her take a look at Sins of the Past.

So if grammatical mistakes were holding you back from my first 3, know I'm on it.

Grab The Pope Lick Massacre on Amazon.

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